Wilier was founded in 1906, out of the brilliant idea of a trader from Bassano, Pietro Dal Molin, of building bicycles on his own account. Dal Molin, determined to set up a professional team captained by the triestin Giordano Cottur, well-know for succeeding no less than Gino Bartali during the Bassano-Monte Grappa lap for amateurs.

In the same time, according to the common feeling of uneasiness about the fate of Trieste, Dal Molin decided to associate the name of this julian town to that of his own firm. In this way, in Autumn 1945 the Wilier Triestina was funded, distinguished by its red copper-colored bicycles, which later became an authentic trade-mark. Nowadays, the glorious story of this firm and of its \”copper-colored jewel\” lives again thanks to the Gastaldello brothers from Rossano Veneto, who bought the Wilier Triestina mark in 1969, proud to bring again great favor to one of the best known Italian cycle houses and providing dozens of professional and dilettantish Italian and foreign teams with their bicycles.

The ultimate glory was in September 2008, when Ballan won the World Road Championship in Varese on Wilier, just ahead of his illustrious teammate Cunego. In the last decade, and especially since 2008 – due to the success of international cycling and of the new models, Wilier Triestina continues to increase and consolidate its presence in the international market, thanks to a bike range that became widest year by year.

Also in Triathlon the company has a range of high quality products, and for the future Wilier Triestina wants to invest more on this sector because we believe in this sport and in the people who love this kind of efforts.